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McNally G-29 Slimpicker Strumstick

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The Strumstick is designed for non-players, and is delightfully easy to learn. The Strumstick was created by Bob McNally (designer of the Martin Backpacker Guitar) and has a perfect blend of ease and versatility. At HMT we also call them "travel dulcimers" - they are tuned the same as a lap/Appalachian dulcimer. The G-29 Slimpicker is the "original" strumstick, with spruce top. The SlimPicker is shorter, narrower and quieter than the D-33 Grand. It has a cheery, bright tone, and it is tuned to key of G (3 frets higher than the D Grand). A consistent reaction when people hear it for the first time is "how do you get so much sound out of such a little body". Utterly portable, for adults traveling light and also perfect for kids. Full instructions, cord strap, chords and songs included. Handmade in USA, of all solid woods.

Gig bag is included!

• Padouk neck and body, Spruce top, Maple back
• 29" long, 5" wide, 1.25"deep.
• weight 14oz.
• 24" scale length
• Tuned G D G'
• Can retune for F, E or D (lower limit)