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Mid-East Long-Necked Electronic Saz

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This long neck electronic saz brings this important folk instrument into the modern age. This model has 7 strings arranged in 3 courses, 2(2strings), 1(3strings). The electronics are a 1/4" jack attached to a piezo pickup on the spruce soundboard. The nylon frets are movable. String sets and plectrums are sold separately. Wood coloring and decorations may vary. Imported from Turkey. Soft case included.

The saz is a long-necked subfamily of lute. It evolved in Persia and is still popular in Turkey. Depending on the size, it has 10-19 movable frets which include several quarter-tone positions. Also depending on size, it has 6 or 8 strings, with 3 courses being the most common configuration. A unique feature is that the middle course of strings is tuned to the lowest note. There are many tuning possibilities. The most common being ADG. NOTE: the lowest note, D, is tuned on the middle course of strings, A on the lower course, and G on the upper course.

*NOTE* Please expect the finish on the Turkish Saz to show dimples in the light. A perfectly smooth, unblemished, finish is nearly impossible to obtain with the technology employed in the Old-World finish process. These are handmade instruments and such dimples are common and unavoidable. Appearance may vary slightly from photos.