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Montarbo Combo Phono-Power Cable

Regular price $ 75.00

Available in either 5-meter (~16 ft) 10-meter (~32 ft) lengths. XLR-male to XLR-female, AC to powercon, comes with US & European adapters. 

The MTB/PA315 is a Montarbo phono-power cable made in Italy with very high technical characteristics, consisting of 3 ultra-flexible PVC insulated power conductors, with 3 X 1,5 mm2 wire-gauge (0,25 mm maximum section micro strand braid in red Copper OFC), and 2-pole microphone cable plus PVC sheath, with 2 X 0,25 mm2 wire-gauge (0.25mm maximum section micro strand braid in tinned red Copper OFC).

Thanks to the new XLR Montarbo connectors and a state-of-the-art assembly, Montarbo cables are well suited for live situations where quality and reliability are essential.

Lifetime warranty; free shipping within the continental US. 

Wire Gauge 3 x 1,5 mm²
Conductor Red CU OFC
Core PVC 2,3 mm
Outer sheath PVC
Diameter (mm) 10,2
Weight (Kg/m) 200
Wire Gauge 2 x 0,25 mm²
Conductor Red CU OFC sn
Shieled Drain Wire sn, Aluminium tape, Tnt tape
Core PVC 1,2 mm
Outer sheath PVC