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Naeem Sitarmaker Sitar with Seymour Duncan Pickup (used)

Regular price $ 999.00

Used sitar by Naeem Sitarmaker in excellent condition.

Made in Miraj, India by Naeem Sitarmaker. A Seymour Duncan humbucking pickup has been installed to allow the player to plug this into an amplifier.

Due to the nature of the pickup which is originally intended for electric guitars, the sitar has been entirely strung with plain steel strings to ensure the loudest and most uniform output possible. There are no wound strings on this.


-Height 46''

-Gourd Width 12.5''

-Gourd Depth 4''

-Nut Width 4''

-String Spacing at Nut 1.5''

A note from our store owner, David Eisner: "When I first saw this “marriage” of an Indian sitar with American electronics I was skeptical. However, after hearing the demo, this is truly the best of both worlds. Think of this instrument the way you would an acoustic guitar equipped with onboard electronics. When this instrument is played unplugged or at low volume, it is very clean and natural sounding. Then, when you raise the volume and/or run some pedals through it, the sound is bright and bold and fills the space. This beautiful instrument came to us through the estate of a professional sitar player, Joe Lucido."