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Paracho Elite Belleza Bajo Sexto (factory second)

Sale price $ 579.00 Regular price $ 799.00

The Standard Bajo Sexto is a 12-string guitar used in Norteno music, also referred to as Tex-Mex, Conjunto or Musica Mexicana. The Bajo Sexto is tuned approximately an octave lower than the twelve string guitar, out in strict fourths. The lower three courses are doubled at the higher octave, and the upper three courses are unison: E2-E1 A2-A D3-D2 G2-G2 C3- C3 F3-F3 (from lowest to highest course.)

This new instrument -- made in Paracho, Mexico -- is under a warranty, but it is being discounted as a blemished factory second. The blemishing appears to be a nick on the top of the headstock as well as some excess dried glue around the inlay and a slight smudge in the varnish on the left shoulder of the guitar (all pictured). 

-Pearloid inlaid rosette
-Pearloid mica top
-Solid spruce top
-Deluxe ebony and ivory striped double body binding
-Satin ebony finish
-2 and 5/16" nut
-25 and 3/8" scale

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