PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings
PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings
PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings
PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings
PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings

PD40 Piano Hammered Dulcimer by Dusty Strings

$ 1,245.00

This item is currently out of stock. It will take up to 3 weeks to ship.

  • 3½ octaves, fully chromatic
  • Solid sapele soundboard and back
  • Piano dulcimer tuning

The piano dulcimer represents a great new concept in the dulcimer world - an affordable and simple way to bring the unique sound of the dulcimer into any keyboard player's realm, whether it is in a church, a band, a recording or composer's studio, at home, or around the campfire. Invented by long-time hammered dulcimer designer and builder Sam Rizzetta and based on the piano keyboard, it is a compact, fully chromatic instrument.

The tuning pattern uses half-step intervals across the bridge. Each course of strings crosses two markers on the top of the bridge. White marks the naturals or C scale, and black marks the sharps and flats - just like on a piano. To play a C scale, just follow the white markers up the instrument. Once you learn the pattern for any scale it's easy to change keys, since all the scales follow the same pattern or a mirror pattern. The sharps and flats are where you'd expect to find them, next to the naturals.

Solid wood construction, 3 ½ fully chromatic octaves, convenient size, a deep, rich tone, and an attractive price all come together on the PD40 piano dulcimer. An innovative feature of the PD40 is that the instrument is "damper ready," which means that dampers can be easily installed by the player at any time. They can also be installed by Dusty Strings at the time the instrument is ordered. Dampers greatly increase the versatility of the instrument and provide the ultimate in sustain control.

C45 case available separately.

Price: Includes double-sided oval hammers, gooseneck tuning wrench and owner's guidebook.

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