Cordoba Master Series "Rodriguez" Classical Guitar

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Of all the guitars in the Master Series, the Rodriguez is the most powerful across all registers. Notably “Spanish” in sound, the tone is warm, lush, and round, with bouncing basses and fat, singing trebles. It offers an instant responsiveness and a big, explosive attack at the beginning of every note. This guitar is handmade in the USA.

Big, powerful Spanish sound with instant response.
Cordoba’s Rodriguez is built with a solid Canadian cedar top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. It features a Spanish cedar neck and African ebony fingerboard, and Rodriguez’s 5-fan bracing pattern with a transverse brace. Cordoba added a few modern refinements, such as a truss rod, geared tuning machines, durable finish, and non-gut strings. The result is an instrument that exemplifies the authentic Rodriguez design, voicing, and feel, and captures a rare piece of guitar making history.

The Process:
Cordoba obtained a 1970s Rodriguez model and studied it inside and out, playing it over and over.  The mission was to understand the essence of what gives this iconic guitar such an amazing voice and feel, and then recreate an instrument that possesses these characteristics and carries the same magic in its DNA.  The process was a combination of science and feel; the wood thicknesses of the top, backs, sides, and braces were measured to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, bracing patterns traced and mapped, and details of the materials, inlays, wood grains, and vibrations were all carefully analyzed.  The guitar was played and listened to for hours to gain an understanding of the balance between the trebles and basses, resonance of the top, and a sense for the feel and response of the guitar when played in a variety of styles and environments. 
Why Rodriguez?
The Rodriguez family of guitar makers spans three generations, and Cordoba’s Rodriguez model is based on a 1970s era built by Miguel Rodriguez Serrano, from the second generation. Characterized by being light in weight yet large in build, these have immediate response to the players touch and outstanding projection. They are also known for their great power, needing no amplification in large concert halls. Rodriguez guitars were produced for nearly 100 years in the most southern part of Spain – deep in Andalucia in the picturesque Moorish city of Cordoba, not far from Almeria – where Antonio de Torres (father of the modern Spanish guitar) had been active just decades earlier. The developmental qualities of the guitars built in the 1970s saw the expansion in the size and depth of the body, a more lightly braced (but with increased doming) top – only 5 fans instead of the traditional 7, producing a guitar that with very little effort on the players part, pumps the sound out in a very efficient and lively manner. These guitars have been famously played and recorded by the entire Romero family for decades, and so for many guitar fans and aficionados, the sound of the Romeros and of Rodriguez is forever entwined.
Bonus fact: Cordoba’s founder and CEO named our company “Cordoba Guitars” as a tribute to Rafael Rodriguez, Miguel Jr.’s sometimes overlooked twin brother.