Rudall Carte Rosewood Boehm System Flute, 1902 (used)

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A very special antique flute! Rudall Carte rosewood & nickel silver Boehm-system flute, serial #3416 (dating to 1902). The previous owner purchased this in 2015 from a reputable wind shop who had it restored by Jerry Schurr. In 2016, they had some additional pad & key repairs completed by Mr. Schurr. Documentation of repairs can be provided.

The previous owner's purchase paperwork indicated that the case is not original, though it is branded and certainly "period." Case was also restored by Mr. Schurr.

Our local flute expert Tina Eck gave this instrument a glowing evaluation and offers the following comments:
- Superb restoration overall, and very closely in tune.
To play at A=440, use the tuning slide and bring it back a bit.
- There is a repaired head joint crack, but the flute is lined so the cleated wood crack does not affect playability. No leaks detected in body.
- The embouchure hole is large, but the flute really has some power once you get used to that.

The venerable British firm of Rudall, Carte & Co. began as Rudall & Rose (1821–1852), became Rudall Rose Carte & Co. (1852–1871), and operated as Rudall, Carte & Co. past 1950.

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