Sat. Dec. 8: Intro to New Acoustic English Workshop w/Gus Voorhees

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WHEN: Saturday, December 8th -- 1:00-3:00 pm
WHERE: HMT's lessons studio: 7010 Westmoreland Ave, Takoma Park MD
FEE: $40 
Sorry, no proration for missed classes.
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This workshop will bring into focus the vibrant, up-and-coming music scene exemplified by groups such as the English Acoustic Collective, Leveret and Blowzabella. Breathe new life into tunes forgotten in manuscripts and incorporate powerful lessons from Scandinavian and French musical traditions. English music has been refined into a leading force of instrumental folk music. This workshop will focus on both the repertoire and methodology of current English music. 

This workshop is open to all instrumentalists. We will mostly be playing by ear in the keys of C, G, D & A.

Space is limited! Advance registration recommended.

More info on our workshop registration and cancellation policies

Gus Voorhees -- Focusing on the breadth of English music with fiddle and button accordion, Gus Voorhees brings an emotive, creative and thoughtful approach to traditional music and dance. He has learned from masters of the music such as Chris Wood, Laurel Swift, Rob Harbron and Ian Robb. He has appeared on stage with Maple Morris, The Washington Revels and the Edge of the Universe Players 2, and has taught for the Revels and CDSS English Week at Pinewoods Camp. In 2017 he placed second as a musician for the John Gasson Jig Competition at the Sidmouth Folk Week.