Schweitzer Copy 4/4 Violin, Germany ca. 1920 (used)

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Amati model, labeled: Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer / fecit al forman Heironym. Amati. 1813.

i.e., a copy of an 1918 Schweitzer copy of Giralomo Amati. Well-constructed instrument in excellent condition, one-piece back of tight curl, light brown varnish, imitation aging, no upper blocks.

Professionally refurbished and upgraded with regraduated top, new bass bar, new ebony fingerboard, bridge, sound post and rosewood fittings; minor cracks fully and securely repaired. Dominant perlon-core strings.

Guaranteed for structural integrity and playability by luthier-owner. Free adjustment within 6 months. Sold cosmetically as-is.

With good older Lifton shape case and new basic brazilwood bow. Can be purchased without case and bow for $1,250.