Sligo Luchair 34-String Harp

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Made by Rick Kemper in Silver Spring, MD. A petite Irish harp with 34 strings, made of cherry wood.

Top players from Ireland and Scotland seem to prefer small harps with lighter tension that can respond to the blazing ornamentation they put into their music. Luchair (Gaelic for joy or delight) incorporates the best features of these harps.

Because of its portability, playability and wonderful sound, this is currently Rick's favorite design.   It does require a carefully profiled soundboard to get good volume from the lightly tensioned Savarez fluorocarbon strings. In a lighter wood like cherry, this harp weighs 16 lbs and is just about four feet tall – making it imminently portable for the traveling harpist.

34 Strings, Range 1760hz a” to 65 Hz C (19 strings above middle C, 14 Below).

Case is not included, but may be available (please inquire). Oversize shipping rates will apply - please contact us if you would like a shipping quote on this harp.