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SS Stewart Tenor Banjo (used)

Sale price $ 960.00 Regular price $ 1,200.00

This SS Stewart 17-fret tenor banjo in Irish tuning was recently acquired in a large estate sale of 60+ instruments.

It has been fully refurbished by our senior luthier with repairs including:

-Complete disassembly, clean/polish all parts
-Newly installed Renaissance head measuring 11 and 7/8"
-Newly installed Gotoh chrome planetary tuners
-Reglued dowel stick
-New tailpiece
-New maple/ebony bridge measuring 5/8"
-Restrung and set up for Irish tuning with string gauges .012-.020-.030-.042
-Reglued 2 dot inlays, 1 custom inlay, and repaired another inlay
-3 new hooks
-Fret touch-up
-Newly installed tension tailpiece

The arch-top wood rim -- which measures 11 and 7/8" with dark brown walnut and bold wood marquetry -- and the walnut neck are both believed to have been made by Puntolillo. This instrument has multi-layer veneering under the fingerboard; walnut resonator; fancy inlays; a heavy tone ring and tension hoop; 24 round hooks; rounded L-shoes; 24.5" scale and a 1" nut. Weighs 8.6 pounds.

This banjo has a powerful, brassy sound with plenty of rich twang. One of our HMT employees described it as a "hardy, but cheerful sea captain with a passion for leading only the most rousing of shanties and folk tunes!"

Now in very good condition with some cosmetic wear typical of an aged instrument. Original hard case included! Free shipping within the continental US!