Strad-o-lin Mandolin ca. 1955 (used)
Strad-o-lin Mandolin ca. 1955 (used)
Strad-o-lin Mandolin ca. 1955 (used)

Strad-o-lin Mandolin ca. 1955 (used)

$ 475.00


Well-made and thoroughly reconditioned mandolin from Strad-O-Lin's middle range, with laminate top. Very good condition with no structural issues. Neck reset, new high quality tuners, new exact repro pickguard and adjustable bridge.

Low-cost in their day, Strad-O-Lins are known for surprisingly good sound in spite of simplicity of design. Solidly built and among the best values in a vintage arch-top mandolin. A clear, bright tone at a fraction of the cost of a Gibson A-Model, and better than most plywood archtops.

Professionally reconditioned, set up with new compensated rosewood bridge and bone nut and guaranteed 90 days by luthier-owner; Cosmetically sold "as is". 

Mandolin only, cases available.

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