Stradivari Model - 4/4 Violin

Regular price $ 590.00

A well-made, brand new, student-level violin constructed unfinished in China, finished in US and set up here in local luthier's shop.

14 inch (356mm) body, 23mm nut. Deep orange-red oil varnish. Ebony pegs, fingerboard and endpin, composite carbon-fiber tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, high-quality Vision Perlon core strings.

Complete outfit with new Brazilwood bow, rosin and new lightweight oblong case with carry strap, blanket and four bow holders.

90-day guarantee from luthier-owner for structural integrity and playability. Free action adjustment within first 6 months. Great price for this level of quality.

This instrument would also be appropriate for a student of the violin, we often recommend renting these instruments, especially if the child is just beginning. Read more about our rental program here.