Sun. July 9 - Beginning Bones Workshop w/Rowan Corbett

Sun. July 9 - Beginning Bones Workshop w/Rowan Corbett

$ 30.00

When: Sunday July 9, 2:00-3:30pm

Where: HMT's Lessons Studio

Cost: $30

Need a pair of bones? Whamdiddle Bones will be available for sale at HMT, or purchase a pair in advance here. Also see the Intermediate Bones Workshop July 16!

Introduction to the Bones with Rowan Corbett:

Having been an integral part of Early-American music, the Bones were likely brought to the colonies by Irish, English and Scottish settlers. But this instrument has traditions that span the world as well as human history. Though the Bones were in danger of dying out in North America during the second half of the 20th century, they’re now being rediscovered and passed on by a small but enthusiastic community. Little by little, they are regaining use in genres like Old Time, French Acadian, Irish, and even Rock & Roll and Jazz. This 90-minute workshop will focus on beginning Bones playing techniques and rhythms. No prior experience necessary. Students should have at least one set of bones.

Space is very limited - please register in advance!

Since taking up music in 1991, Rowan Corbett has explored various genres and instruments. He's a current member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and plays guitar, plectrum banjo and percussion for Rhiannon Giddens' recent solo project. Rowan is also a co-founder of the progressive Irish/Appalachian group Tinsmith, and is a backing musician for various acoustic folk-rock acts in and around DC and Baltimore, including ilyAIMY and the Acacia Sears Band. Rowan began playing the bones in 1994 and the Bodhran shortly after, while playing Irish music. In the last several years he has begun to explore the roots of percussion in early American traditions, from Minstrelsy to Old-Time.

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