Susato Tenor Kelhorn, Walnut (used)

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Tenor Kelhorn (pitched in C) of walnut wood. Made by the Susato company, our guess is anywhere from 25-50 years ago (their current Kelhorns are made of ABS plastic). Synthetic reed. Red velour soft case included.

Kelhorns (Kelischek Horns) are capped double-reed instruments very similar to Crumhorns and Cornamusen of the Renaissance but with a significantly shorter overall length due to a convoluted, snake-like internal bore. The instruments are much easier to play because the finger holes are closer together and do not require an uncomfortable stretch. Like Gemshorns, all Crumhorns, Cornamusen and Kelhorns are nine-note instruments.

This one has the typically buzzy sound and plays well!