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Unicorn Strings Bowed Psaltery (used)

Regular price $ 195.00

30-string bowed psaltery, handmade in 2008 by Gene & Jessica Jaeger in FL. Includes bow, tuning wrench, extra strings, tuning chart and original box.

This is likely Unicorn's "Classic" model (sells new for $395), which has a black finish. It appears the previous owner removed the decorative rosette that normally covers the soundhole, and installed a 1/4" jack on the side to add an electronic pickup. However, the process was never completed - there is no pickup. If you are interested in installing one in the future, the jack is already there!

Our luthier replaced several strings on the psaltery. There is a crack on the top from the tuning pins up to the soundhole, but our luthier determined it to be stable (it has not been glued/cleated). Some of the tuning pins are a bit rusty, but the instrument functions and plays well as-is.

Due to the above-mentioned issues, this item is sold AS-IS, no returns.

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