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Unmarked 17-Fret Tenor Banjo (used)

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This vintage, 17-fret openback tenor banjo (set up in CGDA tuning) is of unknown make - could possibly be Oscar Schmidt, but we are not sure. It has a Gretsch-style headstock pattern, but is not original to pot. Elton/Slingerland-style nuts, and has a butterfly stamp on the dowel stick. Could be a "conglomerate" banjo. Spun-over rim, good plating, friction tuners, 30 hooks, pointed L-shoes. 1 3/16" nut width.

Our senior luthier performed the following restoration work:
- Disassembled, cleaned/polished pot assembly
- Installed fiberskyn head
- Replaced 14 missing hooks & matching nuts
- Rejoin neck & fingerboard
- General setup

It plays nicely with a clear, punchy tone. Frets have no visible wear. 

An old chipboard case is included, possibly original. It shows plenty of wear, but is still useable. 

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