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Unmarked 4/4 Beijing Violin w/ Hard Case and 2 Bows (used)

Regular price $ 1,099.00

This full-size violin was traded in to us by a regular customer who is downsizing much of his collection. He purchased this particular instrument in Beijing several decades ago from a higher-end violin store. Anecdotally, the owner said the violin was played and admired by Joseph Shurr, orchestra master of the Boston Pops.

The violin was examined by our senior luthier and deemed to be in very good condition with no repairs or work needed.

The body is made up of a solid spruce top and flamed maple back and sides with double purfling. 12.75" scale and 1.25" nut.

There is also a strong Bobelock wood frame hard case, two violin mutes, a shoulder rest, and two octagonal-stick bows included! Both in very good condition with a few clipped hairs -- one is a German-made Knoll bow while the darker one is unmarked. According to our senior luthier, both of them would have retailed new for $200-$350.

Note - the fingerboard tape has been removed since photos were taken.