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Whitlow Jawharp

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Please note: not all keys may be currently in stock. Feel free to contact us to check availability before ordering. 

A folk instrument of uncertain age and origin, already well known during the European Middle Ages, and in Western Europe probably since Gallo-Roman times. The dimension of the vibrating tongue determines the pitch of the fundamental note.

The Whitlow Jawharp was named the world's finest jawharp at the International Jew's Harp Congress based on sound quality, appearance and playability. It is the instrument of choice among many of the world's top players including John McCutcheon, Mike Seeger, David Holt and Grandpa Jones.

Whitlow Jawharps are hand-crafted from the finest materials following the method invented by Fred Whitlow. Each harp is carefully tuned to standard pitch, enabling it to be played with other in-tune instruments. Whitlow Jawharps are available in all 12 keys and come with a no-gimmick lifetime guarantee to the original owner. With protective plastic display box.