Wizard Banjo-Ukulele, ca. 1930 (used)

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Well made and well kept banjo-uke bearing the Wizard label, a brand owned by distributor C. Bruno & Son of New York, who contracted with various makers. The headstock pattern on this suggests Gretsch. Others with identical trim sport the "portholes" found on Gretsch Clarophone rims.

14-inch concert scale 16-fret neck with pearl dot position markets. All maple construction with birds-eye veneer, open back 8-inch rim, 16 flat hooks, L-shoes, heavy grooved tension hoop, Bacon-style nuts, all nickel plating in excellent condition. High-quality Grover replacement friction pegs of period, clean calfskin head in good shape. New bridge and bone nut.

Cleaned, polished, professionally set up with La Bella strings. Perfect action. 60-day guarantee from luthier-owner. Cosmetically as is. Solid, attractive instrument with strong tone. No case.

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