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Yamaha YRB-302 II Bass Recorder (used)

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The Yamaha YRB-302BII Bass Recorder is an ABS bass recorder with a design created to mimic the qualities of an expensive hand-crafted wooden model. It features very accurate intonation. The Yamaha YRB302BII Bass Recorder plays with a surprisingly efficient balance between air and broad focused sound.

The YRB-302BII Bass Recorder Main Features Include:

-Arched Windway: Has a slight resistance when you play for better breath control which gives greater tonal expressivity and projection.
-Key systems: Baroque system ABS Resin Body F Key 
-Joint grease, original owners manual, and cleaning rod included

While there is a non-original soft case that was sold to us with the instrument, it does not fit the main body of the recorder.

This 3-piece recorder is in very good condition with some cosmetic wear typical of a well-loved instrument!