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Yamaha YRT-304B II Tenor Recorder (used)

Regular price $ 80.00

This is a resin plastic recorder that is comparable to any similar wood recorder on the market, yet is much more durable and easy to care for. The tone is deep and warm, with full lows and crystal clear highs. This recorder is in the key of C, and the fingering system is that of the Baroque system (the most popular fingering system). It has the double holes: D-D#, and the double key: C-C#.
This model has a brown finish trimmed in white, and is of a 3-piece design. Included is a set of joint grease, fingering charts, and a carrying case. When fully assembled, this Tenor Recorder measures 25.5 inches in length.
This instrument is in very good condition! Its previous owner installed Susato tone hole buttons which makes it much easier to play for beginner musicians.