50th Anniversary Instruments

2022 marks House of Musical Traditions' 50th year in business!

HMT began in 1972 when David Eisner purchased the remaining inventory of Hank Levin's "Musical Traditions" lap dulcimer shop in NYC, and Eisner slowly added more instrument and product lines to create the full-line HMT music store over the years. Hank built Musical Traditions company dulcimers in the 1960's, and we still sell them on a used basis from time to time. Hank built dulcimers for Jean Ritchie and authored the chapter on dulcimer building in her famous "Dulcimer Book."

In 2017, David commissioned Carl Gotzmer of June Apple Dulcimers to create a 45th Anniversary dulcimer based off the original Musical Traditions designs. Carl was one of the original builders that worked with Hank Levin, and he had the original Musical Traditions dulcimer plans on file. Carl has also built a limited run of 50th anniversary dulcimers, for 2022. They are available in solid cherry, solid walnut, and walnut with cedar top.

We have also commissioned a 50th Anniversary "Sligo Creek" guitar built by Bob Gramann!

Also, find our 50th Anniversary t-shirts here.

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