Services : Repairs

Please be advised that turnaround times with several of our repair contractors have increased, due to high demand. If you have a specific time frame you need your instrument repaired by, please contact us (preferably by phone) in advance.

If you have questions about a repair in progress or want to make a new inquiry, please call (301) 270-9090 or email us.

We work with some of the best instrument repair technicians in the area to offer you quality repair service on almost any instrument. Except for accordions and some sound equipment items, repair estimates are free. Most of our repair technicians do the work in their own shops, so please be prepared to leave your instrument with us (you'll receive a claim check). Where possible, we recommend pre-authorizing up to a certain dollar amount for repair (this will be notated when you drop your item off). This usually makes turnaround time faster, if the repairperson does not have to wait for your approval on a standard repair job. However, our repair contractors are also happy to contact you with an estimate before proceeding, if you prefer. Please see below for basic pricing on common repair jobs. 

A 50% deposit will be required on repairs estimated at $300 or more.

We also provide in-store services for minor jobs such as re-stringing and tuning (though we cannot guarantee on-the-spot turnaround). -- more information

Click here for information about Appraisals, or about selling, trading or consigning an item at HMT.

Meet our repair staff:

Marc Glickman -- banjos, mandolins, guitars, dulcimers, vintage fretted instrument restoration and violin family instruments
more information

Dylan Lee -- acoustic & electric guitar setups & minor repairs; electronics repairs
more information

Brian Weber -- rope-pulled hand drums (djembe, ashiko)
basic pricing

Stream Ohrstrom -- folk flutes and drums (bodhran, dumbek, frame drum, conga, bongo)
basic pricing

L&L Music Wind Shop -- all wind and brass instruments: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, oboe, recorder, etc.
basic pricing

Rick Kemper -- Folk (lever) harps, some pedal harp work, hammered dulcimers
more information

Justin Paschalides -- accordions 
more information

Alexander Duvel -- autoharp, Indian instruments (sitar, tanpura, veena, tabla, harmonium), world string instruments (more information)




bass guitar

brass instruments




flute (folk)


hammered dulcimer

harp (folk/lever)

Indian instruments (sitar, tanpura, veena, tabla, harmonium)




wind instruments

world string instruments

Repair estimates are free except for any shipping charges incurred - the only exceptions to this are repairs that involve invasive diagnosis like electronics repairs, most accordion and squeezebox repairs. Any bench fee incurred in diagnosing an issue will be put toward the cost of any approved repair, but is non-refundable if the repair be denied. Repair work will only go ahead with your approval, and we guarantee all of our repairs.

We can also provide formal written instrument appraisals for insurance or other purposes. Please contact us with as much information as possible about the instrument and what you need the appraisal for so we can provide you with a fee for the written appraisal.


Guitar Repairs 

Our guitar repairs are handled primarily by two technicians (keep scrolling for more detailed information & pricing):

- Dylan Lee: acoustic & electric guitar setups & general repairs/restorations; electronics repair. Pickups and dropoffs are generally on Fridays or Saturdays; additional visits during the week are sometimes possible.
- Marc Glickman: accepting repairs on vintage acoustic guitars on a limited basis - acoustic guitar structural repairs & major restorations, setup work. Pickups & dropoffs are approximately every two weeks, most often on weekends.

As of December 2021, Steve Carmody is no longer accepting customer guitar repairs through HMT. After 30+ years of wonderful partnership with our shop, he is reducing his repair workload. Steve is still performing Martin warranty repairs, which are now handled directly (not through HMT). If you have a Martin that likely needs warranty work, you may email Steve directly at to arrange a repair.


Banjos, Mandolins, Guitars, Dulcimers, Violin-family & Vintage Fretted Instrument Restoration -- Marc Glickman

**Marc Glickman is currently accepting repairs on a limited basis. If you are looking for extensive restoration on a vintage guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele or violin-family instrument, we would suggest emailing detailed photos and information on the item's current state to We'll advise if Marc can take on the restoration.**


Note for potential repair customers: most instruments going to Marc that have setup-related issues such as buzzing, uncomfortable action, intonation problems, restringing (as part of other adjustments) or needing adjustments to nut, saddle, bridge, banjo head, etc usually require a "full setup" (see below for more description of what this covers). To maximize efficiency and turnaround time, we ask that you preapprove a setup cost of $125 when you drop off your instrument. Some setup work will cost less, but this amount usually covers any small additional adjustments or materials that may be needed to complete the job, without waiting for customer approval for small dollar amounts.

Marc Glickman has been associated with HMT since shortly after the store returned to Takoma Park in 1981. With well over 40 years experience in string instrument repair, his background includes formal training in both fretted and violin family instruments. He handles our banjo, mandolin, ukulele, lap dulcimer & violin-family work, as well as some guitar repairs and other instruments. His main focus is on reviving older instruments. He is well known in the area for his artful restoration work and attention to detail, with rare expertise in finish retouching.

He has a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan, is a 1978 graduate of Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and has studied violin repair with Hans Nebel. A skilled multi-instrumentalist and composer, Marc also performs Irish, Klezmer and contra dance music with local groups Sugar Beat, Rambling House and Blue Bamboo.

Charges may vary with the difficulty and time involved on each job. Customers will be informed when additional work is required before it is done. Prices are for labor only except where noted. Generally, raw materials (e.g. wood, bone) are included; manufactured parts (strings, tuners) are not included.

Marc's pickup/dropoff schedule with us varies (his home shop is a good distance away), but on average is once every two weeks. If you have a restricted time frame for your repair job, please contact us in advance to discuss time frame.

For information on major restorations, click here or scroll to the bottom of this section.

Basic Rates


MINIMUM LABOR CHARGE (1/2 hour): $50

  -- no charge for repair estimates, except where disassembly or diagnostic work req’d --

WRITTEN APPRAISAL OF VALUE  --up to $1000 value: $50, over $1000 value: $60 and up; over $5,000: $80


Violin (violin, viola, cello)

  Violin, Viola Cello

Complete set-up: new sdpost & br; plane fbd;
adjust nut, tailpce & pegs; incluing glue minor seam separations; clean & polish; restring

avg: $250 + strings $350 + strings 
Clean and polish instrument, minor retouching min. $60 $80
Fit new bridge $70-80 $120-150
- student or fractional $50 $90
Fit new soundpost $40 $50
Fit set of new pegs (plain ebony or RW pegs incl) $100 $140
Refit / adjust existing pegs, each $16 $20
Peg-hole bushing, each peg  (new peg add’l if required) $60 $75
Plane fingerboard and adjust nut $60-90 $150
Replace tail gut (Sacconi type--nylon) $15 $25
New nut or saddle $60 $80
Fit new endpin (no bushing, set-up additional) $20 $80 + part
Reglue fingerboard $50-60 $60-80
Minor seam separations, reglue $20 per opening and up  
- etc no top removal, no cleats - (stopgap) from $40 from $40
-Fully repair cracks, top removal required min $250 min $350 + $25 per cleat
Remove top or back $200-250 $300
Replace bass bar, set-up additional + avg. $300 + avg. $400
Re-graduate top or back + $150 + $300
Re-graduate plates and replace bass bar (including bridge, set-up, etc) avg $800 avg $1200
New fingerboard & nut   (may require new bridge add’l) $300 $400
Reset neck, incl new bridge from $300 from $350
Reglue neck, reset not needed (plus set-up). $60 $80
Adj. neck angle without re-set  (when practical; may req. new br, post, add’l set-up) $60+ $80+
Add wedge between fingerboard and neck $300
Neck Graft from $1000 $1500
Inlaid patch (e.g. soundpost, etc.) from $300 $400
Replace edge, with retouching from $150 from $150
Replace corner, with retouching from $175 from $175


  Violin, Viola Cello
Rehair - best quality hair (incl. clean and polish stick) $60 $70
Rehair - good student quality hair (incl. clean and polish stick) $54 $60
Straighten or re-camber           from $40 from $40
New tip, bone  (rehair add’l) $100 $120
New frog slide, pear/abalone $60 $70
Silver wound grip , w/leather thumb grip $120 $120
Imitation whalebone grip, w/leather thumb grip $100 $100
Repair broken head w/spline $150+  
Leather thumb grip $45 $45



Set-up and Fret Leveling

Set-up includes diagnostics, minor fret touch-up and polish, clean/condition fingerboard, tighten hardware, restring; adjust action including nut slots, bridge/saddle, truss rod, coordinator rods, tailpiece, banjo head, intonation; adjust tuning machines and general clean/polish. These operations usually must be done together as a complete set-up. Extremely soiled instruments may incur additional charge—dirty instruments will be cleaned. More extensive fret dressing or replacement may be necessary at additional cost (see below.) Please supply or specify preferred gauge and brand of strings.

Set up acoustic 6-string, classical, dulcimer   $100-120    with major fret dress  $160-$200
Set up banjo, mandolin, 12-string guitar, arch-top   $120-140     with major fret dress  $180-$220
Set up ukulele $80-90
Shim neck (banjo, bolt-on guitar)  + $30-60   usually requires set-up
Adjustment of individual parts, e.g. nut slots, truss rod, saddle, etc.   $30-40
See “Nut and Saddle” below
Fit bridge on mandolin or archtop guitar   $60-70 + part ($25-80) 
Thorough clean/polish instrument, minor retouching   $60-150

Fret Dressing

Fret dressing includes filing frets level, recrowning and polishing, and must be done together with complete set-up. Replacement of heavily worn frets may be advisable at additional cost.
Please supply or specify preferred gauge and brand of strings.

Full Fret level & re-crown, basic 6-string and similar    $80-100
Additional set-up work may be required    $60-120 (more for 12-string, mandolin, etc.)
File fret ends only   $60
Re-seat loose frets add   $12 first,    each additional   $10
Heat-straighten or bend neck, includes dress frets and complete set-up    $160 -200
May require refret, may require r/r fretboard, may require new nut and/or saddle

Partial Refret

Includes fret level, re-crown and complete set-up on most guitars, banjos, mandolins
New nut may be required, additional

 1 fret  $120     2 frets  $140      3 frets  $160      4 frets  $180      5 frets  $200 

6 frets  $220    7 frets  $240      8 frets  $250      9 frets  $260    10 frets  $270 

       11 frets  $280          12 frets  $290      

Bound fretboard  ~ add $20-60


Full Refret

Includes fingerboard plane and condition, fretting, level and crown, complete set-up.
Additional material cost $25 for stainless steel or "EVO gold" fret wire.
New nut may be required, additional

Unbound rosewood or ebony   $350                        Bound rosewood or ebony   $420

Unbound maple   $400                                                Bound maple   $450

Stainless Steel fret add’l charge   $40 labor only;   + materials   $20-25

New nut with refret, 6 string    $70  (separate, $80-90)

New nut with refret, 12 string    $100  (separate,  $120)

Please supply or specify preferred gauge and brand of strings.


Fabricate and install unbound rosewood or ebony fingerboard    $750 & up
Includes fretting, nut, set-up dot inlays. Additional inlay extra.

Fabricate and install bound rosewood or ebony fingerboard    $850 & up
Includes fretting, nut, set-up dot inlays. Additional inlay extra.

Refret and rebind fretboard and touch up   $600 & up

Nut and Saddle

Includes fabricating new string nut or saddle from raw material (usually bone or ebony) and
precise fitting to instrument. Pre-slotted nuts will rarely fit and will only be offered on the
most inexpensive student instruments if one does fit. Additional set-up required.

4-string ukulele, etc.               $  60                        guitar, banjo, etc.                          $ 80-90
8-string mandolin, etc.        100                  12-string guitar, etc.                             120
Graphite                     add  5             Mother-of-pearl                                         add  20
Install Plastic Nut            35 Shim nut, bonded, and adjust slots       45-60    
Raise single slot,              $12                 Banjo 5th-string nut, plain/fancy         30 / 60

Difficult nut removal may add  $20-30

Fit new bone saddle, straight     $60  matr’l incl.      12-string, straight               $70
Compensated 6-string, custom    80                            Ukulele                              50         
Compensated 6-string, stock       40                           Re-cut saddle slot                          80
Martin through-cut saddle         100           Remove glued-in through-cut saddle   60


All prices are for 6-strings except where otherwise noted. Add $20-40 for 12-strings.
Restring/set-up additional except as noted.

Bridge remove and reglue, Martin style 6-string   $120-160           
Reglue bridge, classical guitar   $100-140
Reglue bridge, ukulele   $80-100
Reglue bridge, laminate-top or badly damaged top, 6 string   $140-180
Often requires additional work, finish touch-up.
Plane bridge and/or re-cut saddle slot, acoustic guitar    $80-160
May require new saddle, thicker/compensated, additional
Install new stock manufactured bridge       as above plus part + $30-60
(if proper fit available only)  includes new bone saddle.
Fabricate and install new handmade bridge, rosewood/ebony    by quote  $400+
Includes bone saddle and set up. Pyramid or unusual bridge, higher $.
Replace Bridge Plate   $250-300
Cap Bridge Plate   $160-200
Glue cracked bridge, if practical   $40-60     


Replace or fix truss rod  (r/r fretboard)    $450 labor and up, includes set-up
Plus part/materials,  approx. $40-50

Replace removable truss rod,     $120 labor and up, includes set-up
Plus part/materials,  approx. $40-50

Heat-bend/straighten neck, includes dress frets and complete set-up    $200-260
May require refret, may require r/r fretboard, may require new nut and/or saddle
rosewood/ebony only—no maple.   Not fully guaranteeable

Reglue loose neck without removal, where practical    $80-150 + set-up, required.
Not a guaranteed repair

Recarve and refinish neck   $400 and up.


Neck Reset

Includes set-up and new saddle. Proper playability is not guaranteed without a full refret.

Traditional dovetail, no binding     $400-450                  with refret    $700-800

Some Guild, Gibson acoustics, or substantial touch-up required           500-600        
with refret     800-850

Taylor (pre NT) or other bolt-on      $225-250                  with refret     470-500

Les Paul,  includes touch-up and set-up     $550           with refret      850

SG Guitars (no binding),  includes touch up   $500        with refret     800

Hollow-bodies (Gibson ES style) or archtops   $600-650  with refret     900-950
includes set-up and touch-up

Tuning Machines & Strap buttons

Install tuning machines, no modification, indiv. or in-line, 6 string     $40 (restring add’l)
Install individual tuning machines, w/fill screw-holes & minor retouch      min. each $15
Install tuning machines, indiv. or in-line, w/bushing or modification of holes     $60-180
Install strap button (cost of part varies)     $20-25 + part (minimum waived)
with set-up    $15.00 + part   

Cracks & Structural

Cracks, separations—by estimate only:  approx. $25/inch, incl. finish retouch     min. $60
Includes cross-grain cleat reinforcements as needed
Cracks, separations with spline —by estimate only: approx. $40/inch, incl. retouch     min. $100
Repairs requiring removal of top or back plate     min. $300
Retouch varnish or lacquer—by estimate only     min.    60
Seal cracked bridge (when practical)      $50-60
Reglue headstock, no reinforcements added, exclusive of touch-up     $140-200
With reinforcement, splining, etc. and touch-up     $500 and up, by quote
plus set-up additional
Graft new headstock     $750 & up, by quote
Replace faceplate veneer, including finishing     $200-300
Reglue loose brace, each location/end     $40-50
Reglue detached brace     $60 & up
Fabricate and install new brace     $120-200    plate removal not included
Remove top or back for repair     $250 minimum


Pickguards & Inlay

Mount precut adhesive plastic pickguard, acoustic guitar     $50-60

Custom or reproduction hand cut plastic acoustic pickguard     $100-140

New pickguard, custom wood     $160 and up

Install vintage Gibson mandolin pickguard & similar:
Reproduction                  ~ $180 part + 120-140 labor
Authentic original     $200-350 part + 120-160 labor

Inlay dot position markers, full fingerboard (10 dots) rosewood/ebony     $180
maple (includes lacquer touch up)     $270

Inlay single dot, first     $45        each additional     $30

Inlay side dots, full board, minimal touch-up     $100

Inlay new or restore block, custom or fancy inlays, by estimate     $40 and up each



Reglue Loose binding on top or back with touch up.  One plate   $200.   2nd plate   $180.

Neck, one side, no dots     $120

Neck bass side, with position marker dots, black/white plastic     $140
with position marker dots, pearl, tortoise, etc.     $160

Replace/restore missing, cracked or disintegrating binding.   By estimate.

            All above may require extensive touch-up for proper appearance


Refinish and Touch-up — fretted

We specialize in retouching of original finishes, especially older varnish finishes, but lacquer as well, a skill that relatively few repair persons master, and we pride ourselves on our ability to do an artistic job.

Retouching work is difficult to price, and estimates are subject to change. Please allow ample time for all finish work. It cannot be rushed.

I generally do not do total refinish jobs, as I am not equipped for it and am limited to spraying outdoors in fair weather. For fretted instruments, I recommend going to a finish specialist. I will occasionally take on a small instrument such as mandolin or ukulele. Refinishing a violin-family instrument is almost never advised unless the original finish has already been completed removed.

Refinish side     $250 & up

Refinish back or neck     $300-400

Refinish headstock     $150-200

Fill chips     $60 and up

Refinish top, clear, not including bridge removal on acoustics     $300-400

Refinish top on Martin or similar requiring neck/bridge/pickguard remove/replace)    $700-900



Replace plastic banjo head  (set-up add’l)     $80 + part $24-30 + set-up chg.
w/complete disassemble, clean/polish all parts     $140-180 + part + set-up chg.

Convert skin to plastic head, first time, old instrument     $100  + part $24-30
w/complete disassemble, clean/polish all parts      $180-200  + part
set-up additional

Replace skin banjo head, calfskin or goatskin $120 + matr’l  $15-60 + set-up chg.
With disassemble, clean/polish all parts/hardware (preferred)   200-220 + matr’l
set-up add’l

Disassemble, complete clean/polish all parts, no head replacement     $120-160 + set-up chg.
set-up add’l                                              + replace head, plastic     +20 + part

Install capo spikes, banjo          1/ $40,   2/ 60,   3/ 75

Install “Pegheds” geared pegs (5)     $100 labor + $149 parts

Install planetary pegs, enlarge holes            $80 /4  + parts $60-100 & up

Install 5th peg, friction or geared     $35 + part  $10-15
if bushing required                      60-80 + part “  “

Fit violin-type pegs (hole tapers intact)     $100 /4, basic pegs included. Fancy pegs add’l
if bushing and touch-up required    + 120 /4
5th peg                                                     36

5th-string nut, bone or ebony, plain     $ 30
Fancy, carved                                     60

Reglue wood dowel stick (strut) ~easy removal, minimal refitting     $60  + complete set-up

Remove/reglue/refit dowel stick (strut)     $120-160  + complete set-up

Fabricate new or graft dowel stick (strut)     $180-200  + complete set-up

Fabricate ebony wedges for U-type neck brace     $60

Refit or install metal neck brace     $50    + part $25 (Kay type) - 50 (Vega repro)

Bush and refit neck lag bolt     $80

Set-up, Nut, Refret, etc.   See above.

I do not install sliding 5th-string capos!


We limit ourselves to rather basic electronics as it is not our forte nor our interest. We do not do magnetic pickup repair or rewinding, nor major rewiring. As we are less efficient than an electronics specialist would be, we do not expect our rates to be the lowest you may find. (all prices are labor only, parts additional)

Minimum bench fee or diagnosis     $40
Acoustic pickup install, under-saddle & endpin jack     $120-140          
Install acoustic contact transducer pickup & endpin jack     $100-120
Install acoustic pickup & endpin jack, K&K Trinity     $160                            Banjo or mandolin transducer pickup install     $120 and up                         Replace output jack     $80 + part           Re-solder jack     $60
Replace pot    $80       Each additional, add $50 


Major Restorations

        Instruments in general disrepair, that have been out of use for a long time or not well maintained and have multiple structural and cosmetic issues, often fall under the category of  “major restoration.” This was once a consideration only for high-value instruments, but more and more it is requested for instruments that were quite modest in their day but have now become treasured family pieces of great sentimental value, or have reached an age where they have become interesting examples of the production values of their day. It may be a worthwhile and laudable project to conserve such an instrument for the enjoyment of future generations.

The question we always hear is “Is it worth it?” Restoring these to presentable appearance and functionality can cost much more than the commercial value of the instrument, or it may greatly enhance the value of a well-made instrument. In some cases, beneath the layers of dirt and the signs of years of use lies an instrument of quality construction or respectable lineage that can be restored to fine condition and considerable musical and monetary value. We will try to advise you as to the origins, quality and potential value of your instrument versus the costs involved in restoration versus the cost of replacement with a ready-to-play instrument of comparable quality.

We do not do cosmetic restoration for display only. We will do cosmetic work only in combination with complete functional repair. We also dislike the phrase “restore to playability,” which implies “just get it playing again.” While we are here to serve the customer, we are also advocates for the instrument, and will give it whatever it requires to put it in a structurally healthy, presentable and playable condition. This does not mean returning it to new condition, but doing that which is reasonable, considering the nature and history of the instrument, and doing all work properly and to the highest standards.

Such jobs often cannot be estimated very closely in advance. They tend to involve myriad small but necessary operations that can add up to a great deal of time. There is always the possibility of hidden and unforeseen issues that will present themselves only in the course of repairs and need to be dealt with at additional cost.

We enjoy having the opportunity to return older instruments to use, and will do our best to present as fair and accurate an estimate as possible and inform you of changes. But the final cost must remain somewhat open-ended, and the customer must be prepared to deal with a flexible bottom line. Estimates of over $300, or above the value of the instrument may require an advance deposit to begin work.   


Dylan Lee -- Guitar Repairs

Dylan Lee recently relocated to our area from Chicago, where he was the repair technician for Rare Birds Music. Dylan also designs and builds custom wound magnetic pickups for electric guitars.

Note for potential repair customers: most instruments going to Dylan that have setup-related issues such as buzzing, uncomfortable action, intonation problems, restringing (as part of other adjustments) or needing adjustments to nut, saddle, bridge, banjo head, etc. usually require a "full setup" (see linked price list below for more description of what this covers). To maximize efficiency and turnaround time, we ask that you preapprove a setup cost of $125 when you drop off your instrument. Some setup work will cost less, but this amount usually covers any small additional adjustments or materials that may be needed to complete the job, without waiting for customer approval for small dollar amounts.

See Dylan's complete repair price list here.

Rope-Pulled Hand Drum Repairs -- Brian Weber

Brian Weber is an avid percussionist who has been building and repairing hand drums since 1996. Great time, care and energy are put into each drum to ensure the best possible appearance and playability. Brian is also a local performing musician and multi-instrumentalist. He teaches guitar, bass, trumpet, piano and other brass instruments.
Total cost is a sum of Materials and Labor Cost (see below).
  • Skins -- $25-$40 Hairless African goatskins are used for the drum heads. Varied thicknesses are available as desired. Cost is determined by thickness and size of the skin.
  • Rope -- Cradle Rope 3mm/4mm/5mm Polyester core, high strength/low stretch cord at $0.35/ft.
  • Vertical Rope -- 4mm/5mm Polyester core, high strength/ low stretch cord at $0.35/ft.
Labor Costs
  • Basic Rehead -- $80 Includes Reheading of drum with a goatskin head of desired thickness using existing cradle and vertical rope. Minor finishing of rim, polishing of drum body with natural linseed oil and basic tightening/tuning of drum.
  • The Basic Plus -- $100 Includes The Basic Rehead, using the existing cradles, but with all new vertical rope.
  • The Brand New Drum -- $125 Includes The Basic Rehead, but with both new cradle and vertical rope. The top and bottom rope rings will be re-wrapped and minor cracks or splits will be filled and repaired. The drum will be tuned to desired tension.
  • Wood Repair -- Repair cracks, splits and holes in body of drum. Price estimate given after drum is looked over by repairman.
  • Tuning -- $25 Includes reworking verticals, pulling out slack and tuning to desired tension.

* Please note the Labor Costs are estimates only and can change
** Exact cost and time estimates will be given on a per-repair basis

Drum and Bamboo Flute Repairs -- Stream Tomas Ohrstrom

Stream has worked on drums and bamboo flutes since 1978. An accomplished drummer and flutist, Stream is also a highly skilled hand drum repairman and flutemaker. He repairs bodhrans, Native American drums, bongos, dumbeks, congas, and others.Drum re-head

    -- $25.00 to $90.00 for labor plus the cost of the head and any other materials.

Wind and Brass Instruments -- L & L Music Wind Shop

L & L Music Wind Shop in Gaithersburg, MD has been providing reputable instrument repair services in the DC Metro area for many years. Montgomery Country School System has chosen L & L for their brasswind repairs. Steve Loeb and his team provide friendly, fast service with some of the best technicians in the area specializing in woodwind and brass instruments.

Playing Condition (P/C) consists of regulating, adjusting and lubricating the instrument and replacing key corks as needed. Any pads that need to be replaced are extra.

A Repad consists of replacing all of the pads and key corks as needed, so that the instrument will look as it does now but sounds like a brand new instrument. Any tone hole or body work may be extra.

An Overhaul consists of buffing and polishing the body and keys, replacing all of the pads, and all of the corks, so that the instrument will look and sound like a brand new instrument (as long as all of the plating is still intact).

Basic pricing (subject to change without notice):

  • Student Flute: P/C -- $48.00 Repad -- $276.00 Overhaul -- $376.00
  • Open Hole Flute: P/C -- $84.00 Repad -- $376.00 Overhaul -- $531.00
  • Student Clarinet: P/C -- $48.00 Repad -- $276.00 Overhaul -- $376.00
  • Wood Clarinet: P/C -- $74.00 Repad -- $325.00 Overhaul -- $531.00
  • Student Oboe: P/C -- $65.00 Repad -- $536.00 Overhaul -- $842.00
  • Alto Sax: P/C -- $84.00 Repad -- $634.00 Overhaul -- $1287.00 & up
  • Tenon Cork -- $21.00
  • Neck Cork -- $40.00
  • Clarinet Pad -- $13.00-$48.00
  • Flute Pad -- $13.00-$78.00
  • Sax Pad -- $13.00-$93.00
  • Trumpet/Trombone: P/C -- $56.00 Overhaul -- $918.00 & up
  • Pull Mouthpiece: no charge (depending on how stuck it is)
  • Water Key Corks or Springs -- $13.00
  • Pull Frozen slides -- $21.00-$115.00
  • Trumpet/Trombone Chemical Clean (lacquer) -- $140.00

For brass instruments, major dent work may be extra. Price of brass overhauls are contingent upon current lacquer prices. ESTIMATES ALWAYS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.


Folk (lever) harps; hammered dulcimers -- Rick Kemper

Rick Kemper builds and repairs folk/lever harps. He is the maker of fine "Sligo" Celtic harps, which we often have for sale (here) and are endorsed by many professional harpists including local greats Sue Richards and Allison Hampton. Repair services include restringing, installing and regulating sharping levers, crack repair, cosmetic touch-ups, and complete restoration.

Thinking about having a complete restring done on your hammered dulcimer? Rick can do complete restrings, though it is a very time consuming (and therefore expensive) job - often around $400. Many times, old strings can be brought significantly back to life by cleaning with steel wool. This service, plus tuning, is typically around $80.

Accordions -- Justin Paschalides

Justin is currently on vacation, through mid-April 2024. If you have an accordion repair need, we request that you wait to bring your instrument in until mid-April.

Justin can complete a range of common repairs on piano accordions, including bellows work, reed adjustments, keyboard straightening, spot tuning, strap replacements, cleaning and more. All accordion repairs incur a $60 bench fee for evaluation, which is absorbed into repair costs if you approve repairs (if you decline repairs, this fee will be due). We recommend pre-approving a minimum of $200 for repairs when you drop off with us - this is a fairly common range for typical repairs. However Justin is happy to contact you with an estimate first, if you prefer. Please allow approximately 2 weeks to receive your evaluation/estimate, and a minimum of 4 weeks for repairs to be completed. 

Autoharp, Indian Instruments (sitar, tanpura, veena, tabla, harmonium), World String Instruments -- Alexander Duvel

Before becoming a professional World multi-instrumentalist and instrument repair person, Mr. Duvel referred to himself as a mobile psychotherapist philosopher – and drove a cab! As a world musician, multi-instrumental performing artist, jazz improvisor, music instructor, and sound healing practitioner, Alexander's lifelong passion for music has infused every aspect of life. He has spent decades in the pursuit of a diverse range of musical knowledge and disciplines, musical cultures and world instruments from every corner of the globe.

Sitar and the other Indian instruments are Alexander's professional musical focus, but he is equally adept in the worlds of percussion, winds and brass. Decades of experience in maintaining instruments in optimal playing condition have provided Alexander with the skills and knowledge to repair a number of musical instruments including (but not limited to) Sitar, Dilruba, Surbahar, Sarod, Tampura, Santoor and other North Indian string instruments, Indian Harmonium full servicing and fine tuning and Indian Tabla reheading and fine tuning.

Rates for autoharp complete restringing: $250 + cost of strings including full fine tuning, or $150 + cost of strings without fine tuning (a good way to save some money if you are confident with tuning the autoharp yourself). Cost to rehead a single tabla drum is generally around $120; can be more or less depending on the type of head used. Labor cost for replacing the main strings on a sitar is typically around $50. Sometimes other setup adjustments are needed in the course of restringing.

House of Musical Traditions In-Store Repairs

We can do re-strings, tunings and some other minor jobs in the store. Sometimes we can do restrings while you wait, but it depends on our staffing and how busy the store is at the time. Feel free to call us before bringing in a restring and we can advise you on how things are looking that day.

Restring labor rates (does not include cost of strings)

  • steel string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass -- $20.00
  • classical guitar -- $25.00
  • 12-string guitar -- $30.00
  • Banjo -- $20.00
  • Mandolin -- $25.00
  • Ukulele -- $20.00
  • Violin -- $20.00

Please note that sometimes restringing an instrument brings to light other problems that may be better served by the skills of one our repair staff. If we spot something awry, we’ll point it out and we can chat about options.

Tuning labor rates

  • Autoharp -- $40.00
  • Lap Harp -- $20.00
  • Folk Harp -- $20.00 (if over 26 strings, $30)
  • Hammered Dulcimer -- $50.00 (also includes cleaning of strings if necessary)


  • Strap button installation -- $20.00. Some strap button installs may need to be completed by one of our luthiers, which requires a wait and a higher cost.