Services : Rentals

In addition to selling and repairing musical instruments, we also rent instruments, P.A. systems and pro audio gear (with or without a sound engineer) to local customers.

For pro audio rental inquiries please contact us.

For school band & orchestra instrument rentals, click here

The following instruments are available for rent through our direct store rental program:

  • 5-string Banjos -- various openback & resonator
  • 4-string Tenor Banjo -- Irish tuning
  • Button Accordion -- 3-row GCF Chinese made
  • Concertina -- 20-button Anglo, 30-button Anglo & 48-button English
  • Folk Harps -- Folkcraft 22-string Erin (no sharping levers) and Dusty Strings 26-string Ravenna (sharping levers on C&F)
  • Hammered Dulcimers -- Dusty Strings Apprentice (12/11)
  • Guitars -- various steel-string and nylon string, acoustic-electric option
  • Mandolins -- A-style and F-style 
  • Piano Accordions: -- 120-bass (Stradivari Midget - white pearl, ladies size, LMM; Davinci orange pearl - ladies size, LM; Lemar - white & black, LM), 48-bass (Chinese-made red pearl) & 16-bass.

    We sometimes have a waiting list for rental instruments, so contact us to check availability before coming in.

    We occasionally do short-term rentals on other types of instruments. Contact us with your needs. 

    Rental Terms

    (NOTE: these terms do not apply to school band instrument rentals)

    • Fee: $60.00 plus Maryland state sales tax
    • Rental period: 2 months. Shorter rentals may be possible at a lower rate; please contact us for details. The 2-month rental period is designed for new players to try out an instrument and decide whether they want to purchase that type of instrument. If you wish, you may re-rent for another two months if we don't have anyone on a waiting list. However, $60.00 is the maximum rental credit that can be applied toward purchase (this is not a rent-to-own program).
    • Rental fee may be applied towards purchase of the same type of instrument (i.e. if you rent a guitar, you can only use your credit towards purchasing a guitar). Generally, rental instruments are not available for sale; you would purchase any other instrument we have in stock.
    • Credit card required for security against the instrument. We do not charge your credit card, but we make a manual imprint of it for the value of the instrument. This imprint is destroyed when you return the instrument in good condition. If you do not have a credit card, we can accept a cash deposit for the value of the instrument..
    • State-issued ID required at time of rental

    For further information on the HMT Rental Program, please contact us via email or call 301-270-9090. 

    Rental Credit Details:

    • Credit valid within 2 months of rental return, towards the same type of instrument.
    • Rental instruments are not for sale.

    Damage, Repairs and Late Fees:

    If your rental instrument is not functioning properly due to a defect with the instrument, bring it back and we will repair the instrument or give you a different one. Customer will be held liable for damage due to accident, misuse or neglect. "Normal wear & tear," such as light scratches on the finish, is not considered damage.

    Late fees accumulate at a rate of $2 per day if the instrument is not returned by the due date on your contract. If you discover you will have a problem returning the instrument by the due date, please contact us to work something out.


    School Band and Orchestra Instruments:

    We have partnered with the National Educational Musical Company (NEMC) to bring you a competitive rental program with high quality, name-brand instruments for band and orchestra. Read on for more details, or click here to begin your rental online! 

    Introductory Special: 3 months for the price of 1 month!
    Special runs through October 2019

    Our band & orchestra instrument rentals are month-to-month. If you do not return the instrument at the end of your initial 3-month trial period, your rental continues automatically on a monthly basis. You may rent-to-own or return at any time. We recommend setting up your account with automatic monthly payments on your credit card to make this easy.

    Here are our current rates and available instruments under this program:

    Group 1:
    $29 for the first 3 months; $29 per month thereafter (plus tax). Optional Damage Waiver: $6 for first 3 months, then $6 per month thereafter.
    - clarinet (plastic)
    - flute (open-hole available by special request)
    - Bb trumpet
    - trombone
    - bell kit
    - snare drum kit
    - bell + snare kit
    - violin (1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4)
    - viola (12", 13", 14", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5")

    Group 2: 
    $43 for the first 3 months; $43 per month thereafter (plus tax). Optional Damage Waiver: $8 for first 3 months, then $8 per month thereafter.
    - alto saxophone
    - oboe
    - cello (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4)

    Group 3: 
    $69 for first 3 months; $69 per month thereafter (plus tax). Optional Damage Waiver: $10 for first 3 months, then $10 per month thereafter.
    - tenor saxophone
    - French horn (single)
    - baritone horn

    We highly recommend completing your rental paperwork online! Click here to begin. It's fast and easy and will help you avoid long waits during the busy rental season. Please wait for email or phone confirmation from House of Musical Traditions that your rental is ready to pick up before coming to the store. Most online rentals are filled within 24 hours or less. If we are out of stock on an instrument or need to special-order it from our supply warehouse, it may take up to 3 business days. You will also be able to manage your account online (updating credit card on file, checking your payoff balance, making exchange requests, etc). 

    Damage Waiver: 
    This is an optional addition but highly recommended especially for student rentals. Customers with damage waiver will have repairs costs covered due to accidental damage, regular maintenance issues or manufacturing defect. Without damage waiver, the customer is responsible for all repair costs (usually a minimum of $50).

    All rental payments will go towards the instrument's purchase price, and a significant early payoff discount is offered. You may also return the instrument at any point without penalty, so you are not locked into purchasing the instrument. We recommend continuing to rent over the summer break - not only will your student be able to continue practicing (which is important!), but you will continue to accumulate rental credit towards purchase. Once you return, you would start over on a new contract if you rent again.

    Credit requirements: 
    We require a state-issued ID such as a drivers license, and a major credit card (debit with Visa/MC logo OK) for rentals. 

    Violins, violas and cellos can be exchanged at any time for a different size as your child grows, and 100% of your rental payments will transfer to the new instrument. For all other instruments, you may exchange to any other instrument type within the first 12 months of rental (a nominal exchange fee applies), and 100% of your rental credit will transfer to the new instruments. The following exchanges have a 24-month exchange window: clarinet to alto sax, alto sax to tenor sax, and violin to viola.