the Guitar Salon

Enter with respect and bask in the beauty of boutique guitars! Compare Goodall, Larrivee, Custom Breedlove and Masterworks Alvarez as well as the artistry of local luthiers like Bob Gramann and David MacCubbin all in one room. Also included in this select room are our used & vintage Martins, Gibsons and any number of esoteric, high-end instruments that come through the store. Please wash your hands and check your belt buckles - even when just browsing online!

Email Brennan at the shop to inquire about other guitars available from these manufacturers - including custom orders.

Sale price $ 2,299.00 Regular price $ 3,065.00 Sale
Sale price $ 2,399.00 Regular price $ 3,199.00 Sale
Regular price $ 3,000.00
Sale price $ 1,065.00 Regular price $ 1,330.00 Sale
Sale price $ 1,065.00 Regular price $ 1,330.00 Sale