World Instruments

House of Musical Traditions has one of the largest collections of world musical instruments for sale anywhere! There are many types of instruments we have regular suppliers for on a new basis. These include instruments like sitar, tabla, harmonium, tanpura, shruti box, oud, djembes and various other African percussion, kalimba, doumbek, Native American-style flute, a wide range of traditional Celtic instruments such as harp, dulcimer, bouzouki, bagpipe & chanter, tinwhistle, bodhran, and much more. We are also dealers for Meinl, Remo, Toca, LP and A Tempo percussion instruments and can special-order anything in their lines.

We also have an ever-changing stock of used instruments from around the world. Even after 50 years in business, we're still encountering cool instruments we've never seen before! It's safe to say you never know what you'll find here at any given time, so it's worth checking with us frequently if you're on the hunt for unique instruments.

Below you'll find listings for world instruments that we currently have in stock. If you don't see the type of instrument you're looking for, send us an email inquiry (including whether you are local to us or are inquiring on a mail-order basis), and we'll see if we can help.

Do you have a world instrument that needs repair? We can likely help. We have repair contractors who work on Indian instruments like sitar, tabla & harmonium, most east- and south- Asian stringed instruments, folk flutes/reeds and hand drums of all sorts.

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