Ghanaian Djembes

Regular price $ 100.00

High-quality traditional djembe drums made in Ghana. Hand-carved woods with quality goatskin head and rope tuning, well-tuned and ready to play. We have a HUGE selection of these drums in stock, acquired from a specialty drum shop/school in the area that recently closed due to the owner moving back from Ghana, and we're able to offer these at the lowest prices in the area!

Small (about 8-9" in diameter, 19-20'' tall): $100
Medium (about 10-11" diameter, 20-23" tall): $150
Large (about 12-14" diameter, 23-25" tall): $200

Each drum is hand-carved with various designs and colors. Some representative photos are shown here. We cannot guarantee the availability of any specific drum pictured here, and ask that if you are ordering online to let us choose a drum for you. Feel free to call us to discuss with on-site staff if you have specific needs for size/appearance.

Shipping cost within the continental US is $40 for small and $50 for med/large.