Contact Us

House of Musical Traditions
7010 Westmoreland Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912, USA

PHONE: (301) 270-9090  

Business hours: 
11am - 7pm Tuesday through Saturday
11am - 5pm Sunday & Monday

Phone calls during our business hours are preferred for most inquiries. You will likely get a faster and more efficient response than through email. 

We have two email addresses to better serve you: for:
- checking availability on an item or rental instrument
- questions about an order you placed
- questions about an item for sale
- questions about a repair in progress
You will get a faster answer to these types of questions by calling us during business hours - but if you prefer email, our staff on site will respond as quickly as possible. for:
- general inquiries
- questions about selling/trading/consigning an item (please specify if you are local to our shop, and including photos of items you wish to sell is helpful).
- questions about our website
This email is usually responded to off-site, but we generally answer emails within 24 hours.

NOTE: When sending us e-mail, please use a specific subject line. Messages without a specific subject, or with subjects like "Hello," "Hi," or "Question" may be overlooked as spam. 

For inquiries about private/group lessons or workshops with our School of Musical Traditions program:  (or call 240-690-1910)

For employment inquiries, please see this page and follow the link to fill out our online application. 

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