Employment at HMT

Thanks for your interest in employment at House of Musical Traditions! Please read this information before following the link at the bottom of the page to fill out our online job application.

Note: if you are looking to teach music lessons with our School of Musical Traditions, please email them directly. 

HMT is a small retail shop with about 10 part-time employees. We generally do not hire just for the summer or for other limited periods of time (with a couple of exceptions; see below). We have a fairly extensive training process for our general sales employees to cover all the aspects of things we do here - so when we have an opening, we're looking for someone who can make a long-term commitment (most employees work 2-4 days per week, with subbing opportunities available). This also means we tend not to have a lot of turnover or frequent job openings, though they sometimes come up as people move on to other things. We do not have a commission system and offer a fun, supportive and interesting work environment.

Candidates for our sales team should have some kind of musical skills/experience, but you don't have to be an expert on everything - just be enthusiastic about learning about all kinds of instruments. We are looking for friendly, outgoing people who are dedicated to going the extra mile for customer service. A typical day at the store involves a lot of multitasking, where you might be helping both in-store and mail order customers over the phone with purchases ranging from djembes to sitars to microphones, taking instruments in for repair, processing online orders from our website and Reverb store, taking photos of instruments for our web listings, doing rentals, checking in new shipments and updating inventory, restringing a banjo, and more.

Because we tend to hire local musicians, we try to be somewhat flexible with scheduling to accommodate performances, within reason. We are usually looking for people who have some weekday and weekend availability.

We do offer some other limited employment options - you may indicate your interest in these when you fill out our application:
- Maryland Renaissance Festival booth (weekends, late August through mid-October)
- Other festival booth work
- Help with school instrument rentals during "rental season," September-October. We sometimes need an extra person to help fill out contracts with customers, weekends and some weekday afternoons during this time. If you speak Spanish fluently, that is a big plus for this!

Please follow this link to fill out our online job application.
There is also an option to upload your resume at the end of the application.

If we have an opportunity we would like to interview you for, we will contact you. We do keep applications on file and consult them when an opening is available.