Accordion Bass Straps

Leather unless otherwise noted, wrist padding of various materials. Padding is usually covered with either plain vinyl or either a velvety or satin material. Heavy duty, reinforced stitching, made in Italy. Straps can be wider at the wrist, but are tapered narrower at the ends, which are approximately 2 inches wide (except for the 12 bass straps, which are approximately 1-1/2 inches wide at the ends). This is so they can fit through the slots provided for that purpose at the top and bottom of the accordion. We measure by length of the strap only, not including extending portions of attached hardware. Please keep this in mind and use the same measurement when ordering a replacement strap.

-- black (all sizes)
-- red (special order only, not in all sizes)
-- white (special order only, not in all sizes)

About Bass Strap Hardware
Straps come in various styles, depending on manufacturer. Not all styles available at all times. We also carry other straps not listed here. Available with:

  • Plain at both ends -- special order.
  • With threaded hardware at top end to fit a standard adjusting wheel mechanism on accordion. Bottom end (the internal attachment) is plain, hardware included at no charge. This is the best way to buy a strap, as you can size it to fit your accordion exactly.
  • With hardware at both ends - most of our straps come this way.
  • Optional hardware for lower part of strap