JHS Artificial Blonde Vibrato

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Out of all the artist signature pedals we’ve done, this is the most signature. Simply put, the Artificial Blonde gives you Madison Cunningham’s foundational and always-on modulation tone.

If you love the sound of vintage vibrato, look no further. This pedal has stereo L/R outputs, two independent switchable Speed/Depth sections, and a shared Volume/EQ section to perfectly dial in your vintage vibrato sounds.

At its core, the Artificial Blonde is a very simplistic approach to Madison’s signature sound: a never off, always on, slightly 3D pitch vibrato sound. The secondary footswitch switches between the two speed/depth preset sections. It’s a true pitch vibrato modulation pedal with two easy-to-access modes for live use. Simply put, this is Madison Cunningham in a box: just add a clean Fender-style amp and tune your guitar strings down!