Bob Gramann #148 Openback Banjo

Regular price $ 2,000.00

From Bob Gramann: "I like plunky open-back banjos. These sound exactly like I want a banjo to sound. They are made with block or laminated walnut or cherry with integral hard wood tone rings. The block rim makes a very solid foundation for the banjo's sound and tuning. The armrests can be easily detached."

The #148 model has the following features:
12" Black Walnut block rim with integral Osage Orange tone ring and fingerboard. Black Walnut neck and armrest. All-American woods. EVO frets. Fiberskyn head. 1 3/8" nut.
TKL hard case (and trademark stuffed animal) included!

Bob Gramann is a respected luthier throughout the mid-atlantic region. Based in Fredericksburg, VA, he has been building guitars and banjos since 1992 and has been a player for over 40 years. For more information, visit