Martin Mulvihill's Collection Of Traditional Irish Music

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By 1985, Martin Mulvihill (National Heritage Fellow and renowned fiddle teacher) had collected over 2300 tunes in several manuscripts. He prepared to release the collection as four volumes of music. In his first collection released in 1986, Martin said “Volume Two will contain 566 tunes, with a lot of compositions from different people.” He had clearly already prepared all four volumes to be released sequentially, but Martin died in 1987 and the remaining three volumes were never released to the public - until 2023!

The collection is four volumes contained in two wire spiral bound books – for easy music reading. And in a box to hold the two books together on a shelf!

Over 2300 tunes and tune settings from over 130 musicians – some musicians from long ago and some still living and playing music – tunes collected by Martin and musicians very close to Martin. The collection includes some useful biographical information to help fill out the story of the collection and the musicians represented in the collection. Many gems are in this collection.

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(pictured is HMT owner David Eisner with Brendan Mulvihill - Martin's son - who released this collection)