Hedwitschak Bodhran Tippers

Regular price $ 82.00

Tippers made by Hedwitschak Bodhrans in Germany. See descriptions below and choose your options in the drop-down menu. Selecting an option in the drop-down menu will bring up the photo of that option, and show you whether it's in stock or not (we try to keep this as accurate as possible).

EnchantHED Tipper: ($82)
Wooden tipper. 
It is an EASY tipper, but with the playing strength of a heavy, hard tipper. Perfectly balanced, weighted teardrop head, oval handle, adjustable rubber rings in the handle area. The bass content is amazing for such a thin, light tipper! Suitable for all playing styles and fingering techniques. Made from bar ash. A hard, relatively light wood with just the right flexibility. 25cm long, weighs 25 grams.

IncrHEDible Tippers: ($78)
Hotrod-style tippers, available in either "Jazzy" or Mighty."
- Jazzy is made of 33 individually hand-selected and finely rounded walnut sticks, each 2 mm in diameter. 242mm long; weighs 29 grams.
- Mighty is made of 7 individually hand-selected and strongly rounded walnut sticks, each 5 mm in diameter, ensuring an incomparably powerful and clicky sound. 250mm long; weighs 31 grams.

HEDrod Tippers: ($34-$44)
Hotrod-style tippers with a newly designed precision control grip, featuring 3 O-rings that allow you to adjust the feel and tonality. Available in several variations:
- HEDrod HR3 Crisp ($44): 28 g. Walnut sticks. Small rounding at the head end ensures a lively, treble-accentuated overall sound. Parallel rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR3 Bold ($34): 30 g. Large rounding at the head end ensures a round, depth-accentuated overall sound. Parallel rod arrangement. 
- HEDrod HR3 Bamboo ($34): 29 g. Every single bamboo stick is rounded all around. Bamboo sounds a bit "bolder, more jazzy" than beech. Parallel rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR4 ($34): 23 g. Very "clicky" and light Hedrod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR5 Crisp ($34): 25 g. Walnut sticks. Very powerful, lively and loud HedRod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod HR5 Bold ($34): 27 gr. Very powerful, bass-oriented and loud HedRod. Rotated rod arrangement.
- HEDrod Uni ($44): The one-for-all 2-in-1 tipper / hot rod. 30 grams.