Dusty Strings

In many ways Dusty Strings feels like a sister company to House of Musical Traditions. Dusty Strings is a small, family-owned shop out of Seattle, Washington and they came into the world just a couple of years shy of HMT's birth in the 70s.... they're IN a Washington, we're on the OUTSKIRTS of a Washington, out there they spell it "Tacoma", here we spell it "Takoma"...

No matter! We've carried their dulcimers and harps for a very, very long time and we're of the opinion that they're just about the best in the business. When looking for a harp or hammered dulcimer, our close working relationship with the makers of these instruments will make SURE you get just the right number of strings, just the right length of playing legs - all the fiddly bits that go into these non-fiddle instruments.

To see a list of Dusty Strings harps & dulcimers we currently have in stock, click here. Other models can be special ordered, but may have a wait in production time.

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