Fishman AFX Pocket Blender Mini ABY + DI Acoustic Guitar Pedal

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All the essential tools in one compact pedal! 

A level-adjustable A/B pedal. A built-in DI output with ground-lift. A boost pedal. An output Y-splitter. A two-channel mixer. The AFX Pocket Blender is the ultimateA/B/Y pedal combining four essential tools:

  1. an Input Mixer that lets you continuously adjust the level of audio source(s) connected to the TRS input
  2. a D.I. output featuring Fishman’s balanced line driver circuit that can be used to send to a house PA or amplifier
  3. an ABY output to split a signal or connect to one or two stage amps
  4. an A/B Mode switch determines the overall behavior when the footswitch is pressed

Runs on 9V power adapter (not included).

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