Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge Battery-Powered Amplifier

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The Loudbox Mini Charge is a portable, battery-powered amplifier designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and a diverse assortment of vocal or recorded accompaniments. A powerful, rechargeable battery, combined with unique power management circuitry, is specifically designed to maximize output levels and playing time.

With the addition of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, you can now easily and neatly add backing tracks or other accompaniment to your performances, jams, or wherever your Loudbox Mini Charge takes you and your music.

Includes wall charger. Optional car charger and/or deluxe carry bag available separately.

Our internet & social media manager Kristen chose this item as one of her Staff Picks - here's what she has to say about it:

"I've been a fan of Fishman amps for awhile, and owned the regular Loudbox Mini to use with my electric cello. When this battery-powered version came out, I knew I had to have it, so I traded mine in for the Charge. For a great acoustic sound you can't beat Fishman, and it has the same great tone as the regular Mini, with nice reverb & chorus effects. They're both a small, portable size that's not a huge effort to lug around and still gives you great volume. It's perfect for house concerts, coffeehouses and small venues. For shows with a PA, sometimes I mic the speaker and sometimes I run a line in from the PA (the speaker doesn't shut off, so you can use it as a monitor) - sounds great either way. The battery power is a game changer. Now I can play my electric cello at outdoor festivals, weddings, busking...anywhere. The charge lasts several hours. It's also come in handy indoors when you sometimes get noise from an overloaded circuit - just use on battery power and there's no interference - or where access to power is inconvenient. And with the bluetooth function, you can also play recorded music or backing tracks through it. Five stars!"


Rechargeable battery power
Bluetooth® 4.0 Connectivity
Dedicated Instrument and Mic Channels with Input Gain Controls
Mix D.I. output
Digital Reverb & Chorus
1/8” Auxiliary Input
Balanced XLR D.I. output
Lightweight & Portable


POWER: 60 Watts with Master Volume
DRIVERS: Woofer 6.5” paper cone 
Tweeter 1” soft dome
SPL: 108dB SPL at 1 meter
SPEAKER BAFFLE: 10° built-in tilt
BATTERY LIFE ESTIMATE: 18 hours (low volume)
12 hours (average volume) 
4 hours (full volume)
CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth® 4.0
DIMENSIONS: 12" H x 13.7" W x 9.7" D 
(305 mm x 349 mm x 247 mm)
WEIGHT: 21.2 lbs 
(9.6 kgs)


1/4" input for active or passive pickups
Feedback-fighting Phase switch
3-band EQ with low, mid, and high tone controls
Reverb level
Dual-function Chorus


XLR input for dynamic microphones
2-band EQ with low and high tone controls
Reverb level

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