Fishman Pickups, Preamps and Amplifiers

Fishman pickups were invented out of necessity.

Created by Larry Fishman in the 80s as a solution to amplifying his own bass in jazz clubs in Boston, attention (and shortly thereafter a huge order) from C.F. Martin & Co. cemented Fishman as a company devoted to untethering musicians and their instruments from their microphones.

With both pickups (which we install here at House of Musical Traditions) and their off-board counterparts (preamps and DIs) Fishman continues to be an innovative and SOLID amplification solution for acoustic instruments.

Around the world and night after night, you'll see and hear Fishman products played by musicians on stages big and small. Whether you just need a little transducer to get a little extra volume out of your old Airline Kay or you are looking for a complete 180 watt amplifier to faithfully reproduce the tone of your favourite oud, Fishman really has the answer. Our head luthier Steve Carmody can do almost any install and our staff can advise on the best pickup for your instrument, your style and your sound. Email Brennan at the shop for more specific info!

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