Staff Picks!

We asked our employees to name their favorite things in the shop... and this collection's been formed from their answers. The owner, Dave Eisner, answered with things that we either couldn't legally or practically sell on the website: 

1) our staff...awww....seriously though, you guys and gals add personality to our instruments and I foster freedom of speech which is evident in your exclamations, criticisms, on-going discussions
2) the presentation of the uke room...people are blown away when they are shown that space after inquiring about Ukes [you don't get the full effect by visiting the Uke Room online]
3) the stuff posted on the walls as memorabilia, "not for sales", wall hangers. It adds a certain uniqueness to the customers adventures into our shop. [okay, we COULD sell this stuff, but NO! You CAN'T HAVE IT!!!]

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