Rikhi Ram Sitar w/Case (used)

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Used Rikhi Ram Sitar in excellent condition.

This is a very nice professional-grade sitar - the previous owner (a pro player in our area who is moving back to India) purchased it new in 2000. Gayaki style (6-string), single toomba. Both bridges appear to be ebony or rosewood. There is a previously repaired crack in the gourd which is visible, but completely stable. A small piece of binding was repaired near the base of the neck where one would rest their thumb. 

As with all sitars made out of a gourd, the interior has flaked and debris can be heard when the sitar is handled. This is not an indication of the craftsmanship whatsoever and is common with older sitars.

A sturdy hardshell fiberglass case is included.

We would prefer to sell this sitar locally to avoid shipping - shipping fragile sitars is risky, and expensive 

If you wish to purchase the sitar and it must be shipped please read below:

Shipping is firm at $150 for the continental US only. We ship fully insured via UPS. 

We will not ship internationally. 

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