Hedwitschak Bodhráns

House of Musical Traditions is proud to be the exclusive US distributor of Hedwitschak Bodhráns!

These professional-quality drums (also known as Art Bodhrans) are handmade in Germany by Christian Hedwitschak, and are played by many well-known pro players worldwide. They use locally-sourced woods and high-quality goat skins from suppliers in western Europe.

We are currently stocking two main lines, as well as several accessory items:

- the CoreLine series - simple, elegant designs with an incredible sound

From the choice of material to the construction of the frame and the finish of the surfaces, all components and details are perfectly balanced. Hedwitschak's core values are attention to detail and great craftsmanship. These drums use "EdlauerSelect" Premium Goatskin, which is produced and refined exclusively for Hedwitschak drums by a world leading skin manufacturer. The process is carried out in accordance with special specifications, and each skin is purposefully selected for the various CoreLine models.

The multipoint tuning system works smoothly and allows for precise, quick and easy tuning. Thanks to the skillful shaping of the inner part of the tuning rim, the hand nestles naturally into place rendering the drum very comfortable to play. The high quality of the CoreLine is emphasized by a classy black cherry veneer. With the intricate contours and the flush to the rim skin mounting, the design of the CoreLine bodhrán demonstrates simple elegance and timelessness. The CoreLine was launched 2012 and since then it was refined and optimized permanently.

- the HighEndLine - these drums are highly customizable in their woods and a special range of skins/heads. 37 cm drums in this series have the unique ChangeHED head holding system: different head types can be swapped out easily. The HighEndLine use the unique isolatHED tuning technology, developed by Hedwitschak to make the drums' frequency spectrum more homogenous and improve the brilliance of sound. Read more about this technology here

Contact us for custom order possibilities! For additional information, visit https://www.bodhranmaker.de/

Please note that estimated arrival times for Hedwitschak products we do not currently have in stock are very difficult to predict. Christian is a one-man operation building everything by hand, and new orders incur a wait time of a few months. International shipping can also add on unexpected delays. We are expecting a shipment more Coreline models and accessories this summer. Contact us if you would like to be notified when products are restocked.

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