Makala Ukulele

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Over the years we have tried many brands of "budget" ukuleles, and we think the Makala (from the Kala company in California) is the best one out there. Our friends Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer recommended these to us. These ukes stay in tune fairly well, the tuners are better than on most cheap ukes, the bridges don't tend to become unglued (check out the cute dolphin bridge!) and they actually sound pretty good! They come in all kinds of fun colors and a soft black carrying case is included. If you're just getting started on uke, or have a small child who's not quite ready for a guitar, the Makala is perfect.

Makala soprano ukuleles are available in either Dolphin-bridge (gloss finish) or Shark-bridge (satin finish) models, in a range of colors. Not all colors will be in stock -- please contact us to check availability. If you are flexible on what color we send you, choose "No color preference" in the drop-down menu.

A lightweight fabric cover with velcro closure is included.