Audio-Technica AT2010 Cardioid Condensor Handheld Microphone

Regular price $ 119.00

HMT says : this vocal mic has become the go-to workhorse for all of our pro-audio staff. It captures a nice wide range of the sound of a vocal, capturing just a touch of sizzle at the top that allows for beautifully crisp reproduction. For anyone struggling with a slightly muddy vocal tone, this will clear that up immediately. Pro-tip - because the tonal range is similar, in a pinch this makes for a pretty amazing cello mic too!

The Audio-Technica AT2010 microphone is designed to bring the studio-quality articulation and intelligibility of Audio-Technica's renowned 20 Series to the stage. Featuring the same 16 mm low-mass diaphragm found in the critically acclaimed AT2020 side-address studio condenser, the AT2010 mic excels wherever articulate vocals are needed: in houses of worship, for solo performances, jazz vocalists, singer/songwriters, and more.

This breakthrough handheld vocal condenser delivers remarkable specs and superior build at an amazing price. State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques ensure compliance with Audio-Technica's stringent consistency and reliability standards, and set the AT2010 apart from other vocal mics in its class. The microphone offers a wide dynamic range and handles high SPLs with ease. Its rugged construction is designed to stand up to years of use.

Requires phantom power.