Sheeran By Lowden Guitars

We're pleased to be the exclusive dealer in this area for Sheeran By Lowden guitars!  Sheeran by Lowden are a range of newly designed guitars born out of a friendship between Ed Sheeran and George Lowden. They offer aspiring musicians a guitar with great playability and tone using materials with high sustainability credentials, all designed and built in Ireland.

George Lowden designed the guitars for the player, for uncompromising tone and playability with a careful choice of woods to ensure innate natural beauty.  An ‘almost bare’ finish enhances this. 

Two body styles are available, with a range of wood and feature combinations in each:
- The S Series: Based on the successful Lowden S (Small) body, the Sheeran By Lowden S models deliver a surprisingly deep voice, despite their size. 24 4/5" scale length
- The W Series: Based on the Lowden WL (Wee Lowden) body size as originally designed for Ed Sheeran, the W series models offer a compact feel without compromising in tone over larger guitars. 24" scale length.

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