House of Musical Traditions stocks the strings for all those wonderful stringed things that we sell. Whether it's La Bella Oud strings or Dusty Strings Hammered Dulcimer strings or all those fiddly sympathetics on your sitar or maybe you just need someone sympathetic to your fiddle string needs - we stock more than we can list. And this of course includes guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and more! Yes - even electric guitar and bass strings! We carry Aquila (ukulele and exotic nylon / synthetic gut), Banjira (Indian instruments), D'Addario (just about anything), Dusty Strings (hammered dulcimer and harp), Elixir, Ernie Ball, John Pearse, Kala, La Bella, Martin, Oscar Schmidt, Roosebeck, Savarez, as well as imported strings from all around the world! If you don't see what you're hunting for, give us a call at 301.270.9090 or drop a line to