Tanglewood Guitars

Officially Britain's Best-Selling Acoustic Guitars, Tanglewood Guitar Company was established in England in the latter part of the 20th century.

Charged with an ambition to create a portfolio of instruments that would offer exceptional value through traditional & contemporary design, Tanglewood guitars exhibit craftsmanship and features typically reserved for instruments of much higher prices.

Though Tanglewood has achieved success in branching out into categories such as acoustic basses and banjos, the brand’s real strength and expertise lies in the acoustic guitar market. Distributed in 60 countries worldwide and officially recognized as the UK’s all time best-selling acoustic guitar brand, Tanglewood continuously pushes to innovate and provide incredible value for musicians with their instruments.

Whether it be an acoustic bass, a traditional dreadnought, a modern cutaway acoustic guitar equipped with electronics, or a tenor ukulele, Tanglewood’s mission is to excite and impassion players the world over with their consummate craftsmanship & incredible reliability.

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