the Accordion Room

Piano accordions, concertinas and button accordions (button boxes) - all can be called "squeezeboxes." Our inventory of accordions is largely used, and stock is always changing. We tend to look for good-quality Italian or German-made piano accordions from the "Golden Age" of accordion manufacturing (1950s-1970s). Accordions can be notoriously persnickety instruments, so we screen them carefully to check for issues and have minor work done by our repair shop if necessary. Sometimes we will sell accordions with known issues at lower prices; these will always be marked "As-Is" with the issues disclosed.

We also carry new piano and button accordions by SofiaMari and Hohner.

For concertinas, we regularly carry the Rochelle (30-button Anglo) and Jackie (30-button English) entry-level concertinas. We often have used concertinas (occasionally rare vintage brands such as Wheatstone and Lachenal). 

Looking for information on your older accordion? Please read this article rather than contacting us (we can't answer individual inquiries of this nature, but the article explains why). 

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