Medicine Wind Bamboo Flutes

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George Tortorelli has been making and playing bamboo flutes for over 30 years. He grows his own "long node" tropical bamboo (ideal for flutes) on his own land in Gainesville, Florida. As a player, George has performed with artists such as Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Richie Havens, Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges, Tuck & Pattie, and more. More information:

Most flutes are finished in a dark brown as pictured above. On pieces that display extraordinary natural markings or patterns, George may opt to leave them naturally finished. 

Bamboo flutes can be difficult to tune 100% to concert A=440 pitch. We test these flutes on arrival; they play within 10 cents of the listed key. The drop down menu will show you which keys we have available. At this time, we may not be able to special order keys that are out of stock.